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Commercial Aviation

Business Class Backshells

JCB Aero has several years’ experience in backshell seat (business class) production for a well-known airline company, manufacturing the elements for the ‘ensemble’ including manufacturing composite parts, paint application, laminate application and assembling central backshell seats. JCB Aero has all the machinery and capabilities for serial business seat production in one place.

3 Ready for final delivery to customer
2 Ready for final delivery to customer
2 Inspection of backshell modules
2 JCB has a long experience in backshell seat production

Front Row Monuments

Since 2005, JCB Aero have been manufacturing Front Row Monuments for commercial aircrafts. Using composite panels, built 100% in-house and custom-made, the monuments comply with weight restrictions, stress justification and certification D0160, while obtaining a superior aesthetic result of a prestigious product.

2 Electrical testing of TV monitor
2 LH, Central, RH Front Row Monuments for Virgin Atlantic


In 1987, JCB Aero Production Organization was founded as a fully specialized manufacturing and logistic service provider. Built on years of experience in the field of design, development, test and certification of products for the aviation market, our highly experienced and skilled production and certification staff assures that all JCB Aero products comply with the highest safety and quality standards established.

JCB Aero certified DOA and POA, producing everything in-house, a large stock of raw material is immediately available for production to offer to the market highest quality combined with shortest lead times for a wide range of fully customized aircraft cabin interiors such as Partitions/Windscreens, End Cap, Privacy Panels and Lining.

2 Partitions divider inspection

Business Class Privacy Doors

Business class seat development harnesses more privacy space by the engineering solutions that come from privacy door panels. JCB have equipped more than 15 commercial A/C for the Air Nippon Airways (ANA) company. JCB deliver more than 100 doors/p.m. fully equipped with mechanical closing and opening system.

3 Final assembly for commercial airliner (ANA)
2 Final assembly for commercial airliner (ANA)
2 Final production inspection and adjustments
2 Double privacy door


JCB Aero provide complete services for commercial lining for operators. They offer a large range of panels solutions with associated mechanical design and ultra light solutions; a large range of standard attachment and decompression solutions with associated mechanical design and proven reliability are available. All linings (ceiling, sidewall, valence etc.) can be provided with lining installations, electrical harnesses, light solutions, airgasper outlets, ducting and PSU’s. Sound proofing with a db range of 48+ is achievable. For the top level material finishing, a wide selection of treatment is available (paint, PVF film, etc.).

JCB Aero, certified part 21J, PART 21G and PART 145, provide all adequate Engineering Packages to cover new lining or to refurbish and modify existing lining.

3 Electrical harness installation with speaker outlets
2 Electrical harness installation with speaker outlets
2 Panel preparation prior to final installation
JCB Aero Laminate
2 Panel preparation with designated attachment points

Helicopter Interiors

For over 10 years, JCB Aero has been producing cabin and cockpit lining for both AH175 Search and Rescue as well as Oil & Gas helicopters. JCB Aero has successfully produced cabin and cockpit carbon composite lining panels (totaling more than 21 panels per month) fully equipped with electrical harnesses and air conditioning. Each panel is pre-installed and tested in JCB’s specially built jig before delivery as means to deliver fully functional panels ready for installation (plug & play).

3 Equipment installation on a lining part
2 Equipment installation on a lining part
2 Cabin fit-check on jig
2 Cockpit lining

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