About Us

About Us

JCB Aero was founded in 1987 by Jean Claude Beaudet before being acquired by AMAC Aerospace in 2016 in a move to expand, with AMAC offices located in Switzerland, Turkey, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. JCB Aero is located near Toulouse in Auch, situated next to a private airport, meaning clients can have direct access to JCB Aero facilities.

Specializing in VIP/ Airline aircraft cabin completion and refurbishment, JCB Aero provides an outstanding service and finest quality for a wide range of projects. With highly skilled craftsmen producing the highest quality finish and engineers providing the latest innovation and technology, JCB Aero proves to be the right choice in cabin completion as collaboration continues with prestigious companies such as Dassault, Airbus Helicopters, Safran Seats France, Sabena, Stelia and many more private owners.

To ensure quality and efficiency, JCB Aero is able to accomplish ‘In-house’ the whole completion project, from minor to major modifications, design changes, EASA certification, IFE and systems upgrades to reconfigurations. With over 130 employees, 5 000m² of office and workshop space, 5 000m² hangar, everything is in one place to provide the best turnkey solution. At present, JCB Aero are setting up Manufacturing 4.0 and EN9100 certification in order to provide even more efficient services.

JCB Aero proves to be the most competitive and efficient partner in aircraft cabin completion in compliance with all certification and airworthiness regulations.

Gender pay Gap France – Index égalité femmes-hommes France

JCB Aero, a member of AMAC Aerospace group of companies is committed to continue and reinforce its position as an equal opportunity employer. In the scope of the Gender Pay Gap reporting applied to the companies in France,  the JCB Aero result for 2023 is 79 points (highest score being 100 points). 29/40 points obtained in the pay gap section – 35/35 points obtained in the individual increase gap section – 15/15 points obtained in the return from maternity leave section – 0/10 points obtained in the top 10 pay section.

L’entreprise JCB Aéro, membre du Groupe AMAC Aerospace, est soucieuse de poursuivre et de renforcer une politique en faveur de l’égalité des chances et de traitement des salarié(e)s. Concernée par l’index EGAPRO, JCB Aéro a obtenu un score global pour 2023 de 79 (sur 100 points). 29/40 points obtenus dans la rubrique écart de rémunération – 35/35 points obtenus dans la rubrique écarts d’augmentations individuelles – 15/15 points obtenus dans la rubrique retour de congé maternité  – 0/10 point obtenu dans la rubrique des 10 plus hautes rémunérations.

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The Management Team

Pierre Mandelli

Pierre Mandelli

Director Sales & Key Account

Director Sales & Key Account at JCB Aero with over 18 years in sales as well as project and engineering managerial experience, enforces JCB Aero’s capabilities with his technical understanding of manufacturing aeronautical and composite parts.

Eric Cagnat

Eric Cagnat

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With over 23 years’ experience in composite manufacturing and over 18 years in cabin refurbishment at JCB Aero, Eric Cagnat took the position of director at JCB Aero in June 2016. His technical career means he can provide the most appropriate solutions to adapt to the needs of each client.

Serge Paul

Serge Paul

Director Finance & Support Functions

Director Finance & Support Functions at JCB Aero since July 2017, brings more than 33 years personal experience in finance to the company, notably his expertise of the organization administration and financial management of businesses.

Learn more about the AMAC Aerospace Group

AMAC Aerospace — Basel, Headquarters

The founders created AMAC Aerospace AG in 2007 to serve the corporate and VIP/VVIP demand. Headquartered at Basel EuroAirport, Mulhouse, AMAC has five (5) unique modern hangars to facilitate any manner of aircraft input. Today we are represented as a ‘Group of Companies’ that span the width of Europe and have presence in Turkey and Lebanon. We operate a network of eight (8) hangars for mid-size jets, narrow-body and wide-body jets and are dedicated to Maintenance complex design, modifications activities and Completion works that cover a footprint of over 100’000m2. AMAC has over 1‘000 employees in specialized domains of aviation; we aim to offer a one-stop shop for all inquiries.

AMAC Aerospace has next to JCB Aero four affiliated sister companies which make up the ‘Group of Companies’.

AMAC Corporate Jet — Zurich

Located in Kloten, Zurich, our Aircraft Management and Charter division host approximately 15x aircraft on portfolio with regards to direct aircraft management. We help facilitate charter requests, fuel arrangements, insurance coverage, crew selection and training to name a few services.

AMAC Aerospace — Istanbul Facility

Located at Atatürk International Airport, Turkey, this facility provides MRO services on Pilatus PC-12, PC-24 and Dassault products. Equipped with all necessary tooling this facility was created by AMAC Aerospace to service the Pilatus aircraft product on exclusive basis in the Middle East region and then was developed to cover the Dassault aircraft in the region.

AMAC Aerospace — Bodrum Facility

Located at Bodrum-Milas Airport, Turkey, this facility is the only MRO at this location. The hangar is strategically positioned directly next to the main taxiway and offers services for both line and base maintenance. Equipped with the latest and most technological hardware and construction, AMAC are the first to use a mixed business model for this hangar facility. During the winter months, the hangar carries out commercial line and base maintenance and during the summer month, the MRO flip over to VIP business maintenance.

AMAC Aerospace — Beirut, Regional Sales Office

Located in Solidere, Beirut is operating a regional sale base office for the Middle East.

AMAC Aerospace — Riyadh, Regional Sales Office

AMAC Aerospace Ltd are registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2023 and are located with their sales office in Riyadh. The company offers professional consultant services on aircraft maintenance, completion & refurbishment, management and charter to stakeholders in the aviation industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East Region.

Gamit — London Office

The company was founded 1990 at London Stansted Airport. The support and services include consultancy, engineering project management, technical representation and engineering record audits. Gamit is a stockist of aircraft spare parts supporting supply chain management requirements on both Commercial and Business Aviation aircraft platforms.

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